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Here are the few technical notes:

  1. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are the only browsers supported at this time -- though some animations (such as rocket flight) run much smoother under Internet Explorer
  2. I use javascripts so your browser setting should permit javascripts
  3. If you normally use a plug-in to block embedded sounds, you may need to change the setting because I use embedded sounds
  4. Depending on how fast your Internet connection is, there may be some lag the first time an animation runs (so some sentences or words may be cut short for example) -- the lag should go away whenever the same animation plays again.

For Firefox PC users -- if you get a message about missing the Apple QuickTime plug-in, while you already have QuickTime on your computer, then please do the following to associate WAVE file MIME types to QuickTime player:

  1. select or open up QuickTime under Control Panel
  2. select Browser tab and click on MIME Settings
  3. under Audio, put a check mark next to WAVE audio
  4. close and restart Firefox

See :) only a few.