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Here are some fun and interactive online games that teach kids Chinese. I made them for my own kids to play with to learn Chinese, and I hope you and your kids will have fun with them as well.

These games are in some sense written for kids growing up primarily in an English speaking environment (either with or without family members that speak Chinese), so some of the games help kids learn certain basic conceptual words with a little aid from English. Still most of the games are in Chinese only, so kids learn with pictures or animations.

The spoken part of the games uses Mandarin Chinese. There are lessons here on very basic, yet very important concepts to kids -- such as lessons on simple greetings, how to say I want, or how to say mine. Learning Chinese becomes fun when kids, even as young as 2 or 3 years old, feel comfortable speaking Mandarin in their daily play.

Traditional Chinese characters are shown along with many of the lessons here. The characters are fun to learn -- kids love seeing Chinese characters they recognize such as in story books or even in restaurant menus.

The games are in the links below. Most are lessons while some are really just games.... the games make reviewing/refreshing the lessons fun. I will be adding new pages and expanding existing pages periodically so please do check back often.

Check out the latest addition -- Building Sentences Workshop -- to build Chinese sentences hands on! More in this series are on the way -- with more topics as well as higher levels. You can go to the workshop after first learning some lessons here, or you can jump right into the workshop and learn as you play!

Just a few technical notes.... click here to see them. And I would love to hear any comments/suggestions :) There is a link below for sending feedback.

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You can also access individual pages from links below.

Let's Learn Chinese (title page)
See You Soon! (last page)

Building Sentences Workshop
Like and Want (Level 1)
Mine, Yours, His, .... (Level 1)
Taller than, Smaller than, Faster than, .... (Level 1)
A Bit..., and Taller, Smaller, Faster, .... (Level 1)

Just Games
Falling Egg (animals, food, colors, and body review)
Growing Flowers (a game about mine, yours, and hers)
Rocket Flight (animals, food, and colors review)
Rocket Launch (characters and numbers review)

Fun Lessons
New Year Greetings Asking Questions Move About Open & Close
Animals Food Colors Numbers Body
Transportation Clothes In the Kitchen At the Park
I, You, He Mine & Yours I Want... I Like... Mom & Dad
Come & Go Up & Down Front & Back Eat & Drink Telling Time
Hot & Cold Food Hot & Cold Weather Fast & Slow More & Less Loud & Quiet
A Bit... Which...Where Good Most Put On & Take Off
Too... Tall & Short On & Off I Have...

More Characters
Big Small Sun Moon
Water Fire Wood Mountain

Little Monkey 3 Little Kittens Train

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